Visual Pollution

I have been thinking ! and those that know me really well, know that does not happen very often…………………

Have spent the past few days at a National Boy’s conference and have listened to some really motivating and enthusiastic people….

But this got me thinking, just as the guy sitting near me started to snore, snore really loudly ! We as educated motivated teachers were finding sessions long and arduous to sit through, with the constant barrage of powerpoint slides and it got me thinking about how kids sit through lessons, when they could be doing so much more with their time.

I was also thinking about the amount of visual pollution that we encounter on a daily basis; billboards, flashing signs, shop windows etc etc etc…… what is it like for children in a classroom; how much of the stuff that is up in our classrooms do they really take in; not to mention the important stuff that goes up on the whiteboard or smart board;

I write this sitting in an airport lounge, and as I look around there is a constant barrage of sounds and sights; people talking, coffee machine whirling and gurgling, the TV’s in the corner, the muzak playing in the background and the couple of toddlers playing with blocks in the corner………… every now and then there is also the announcements for passengers to board flights…………

Next time you in your classroom or anywhere— just stop for a minute and have a look around and see and listen to how much ambient noise and sights we are exposed to on a daily basis

And we wonder why sometimes children find it hard to focus on tasks in the classroom; or is it because there is not the constant barrage of sights and sounds ?

First World Problems…. I know

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An educator from Armidale, NSW, Australia.... I have been teaching for over fifteen years and I have been teaching Science for the last 4 years. Why Boys' education -- I feel boys are often left out of education policy development...... I am into technology, but have loads of things to learn.... all my rants here are my personal opinions

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