Melbourne- National Boy’s Conference

I am off to Melbourne this week to attend the National Boys Conference on Thursday and Friday– looking forward to some of the workshops– It is moments like this where I really appreciate my Principal and his forward thinking. Not many Principals in regional areas would even consider allowing their staff to travel out of state for a conference. Not only the conference days, but he has allowed me to take an extra day to visit some exciting schools in the Melbourne area– A huge thank you to those schools who have granted me permission to come and visit— and a huge thumbs down to the swanky private school who thought it odd that I would want to come and have a look at their facilities and so declined my request. That is really encouraging cooperation between the private and public sectors—- or have they forgotten how much public monies are paid to their swanky school every year.

More updates as the week progresses !

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An educator from Armidale, NSW, Australia.... I have been teaching for over fifteen years and I have been teaching Science for the last 4 years. Why Boys' education -- I feel boys are often left out of education policy development...... I am into technology, but have loads of things to learn.... all my rants here are my personal opinions

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