To Drug or Not Drug — is it the answer… ?


 A little boy started in Kindergarten this year, he was a very outgoing, lively and had a beautiful smile… unfortunately he had come from a home with no boundaries and had trouble fitting in with the rules and social regulations associated with school life. Before the end of first term he had been suspended because he was being violent with other kindergarten students and punching and lashing out at teachers. By the end of second term he had earned another short suspension, and a longer suspension because of an escalation of his violent behaviour.


As a teacher I was feeling really bad for him, because he needed so much love, attention and one on one time to accomplish even the basic of tasks, that is when he chose to attempt any classroom tasks. His attitude and actions in class was holding the other students hostage, because he required so much discipline time by the classroom teacher, it took time away from the learning of the other students.


While he was on the longer suspension, we discussed the best way to re-introduce him to school and we had to implement better strategies to look out for the welfare of students and teachers. It was also mentioned to his mother in discussions, that some drug therapy might help with his concentration and engagement with his learning. His mother was against the drug idea, and I can understand her concerns and reservations in relation to this.


So our little mate has returned to term 3, he is on drugs to calm him down and this will hopefully allow him to concentrate and engage more.


I witnessed him during the later part of the day in a library lesson and I was literally gobsmacked…. his behaviour was beautiful; he was sitting calmly, ignoring silly behaviours around him, and really engaged with the lesson.


I don’t have strong opinions in regard to drug therapy for young children, but the miraculous transformation of this little boy is amazing— the drugs have allowed him breathing space to accomplish some real learning. I had a good talk with him about his behaviour and he said he felt really calm and was enjoying what he was doing in class. I spoke to his class teacher and she was so happy and glad that the little boys mother had chosen the drug therapy road as she felt that he now had a better chance to focus and concentrate in class.


I am sure time will tell what the outcome may be……..

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An educator from Armidale, NSW, Australia.... I have been teaching for over fifteen years and I have been teaching Science for the last 4 years. Why Boys' education -- I feel boys are often left out of education policy development...... I am into technology, but have loads of things to learn.... all my rants here are my personal opinions

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