Positive actions for youth at risk !

Go West: Youth scheme a caffeine hit
April 24, 2016 12:00am
LAURA SULLIVANThe Daily Telegraph

Darcy St Project co-founder Tristan Brookes-Perrin with his trainee Selim Unutmaz at their cafe in Parramatta, Sydney. Picture: Brett Costello
THEY’RE the boys changing lives among the indigenous community one coffee bean at a time.

Darcy St Projects has now helped more than 40 young indigenous people get back on their feet in just three years by training them as baristas.

Co-founders John Cafferatta and Tristan Brookes, both 33, see the impact of the project daily and say witnessing the positive changes in young lives is what keeps them fighting for their ­community.

“We both started out in coffee, we had a passion for coffee and we thought we’d use it for a better purpose,” Mr Brookes said.

“We see the impact on a day-to-day basis, to see where they’ve come from and where they are at the end is just amazing for us.”

Through a partnership with First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation, Darcy St Projects trains ­the indigenous youth students at their ­Barista School in Parramatta.

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An educator from Armidale, NSW, Australia.... I have been teaching for over fifteen years and I have been teaching Science for the last 4 years. Why Boys' education -- I feel boys are often left out of education policy development...... I am into technology, but have loads of things to learn.... all my rants here are my personal opinions

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