Messed up Boys !!!

Why are so many boys messed up ?

So lets get on the media bandwagon and blame schools and teachers in particular, because we are not teaching them right !!! or are we ?

Lets look at parents and families in the 21st century………

If you are 40 and above, you would remember that in your childhood there were not many kids who had divorced parents…. and blended families only happened on TV e.g. The Brady Bunch, cause that was real life Too !!!!

I see too many single parent families, where each child has a different dad– and those kids have no contact with their dads; In the 21st century it is normal and expected that both parents work, leaving kids to their own devices after school, or being babysat by electronic screens….mmm

If you are going to have children take responsibility for them and show them how to act and be decent human beings…. it doesn’t take a lot to teach your kids manners

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An educator from Armidale, NSW, Australia.... I have been teaching for over fifteen years and I have been teaching Science for the last 4 years. Why Boys' education -- I feel boys are often left out of education policy development...... I am into technology, but have loads of things to learn.... all my rants here are my personal opinions

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